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A home with a picturesque landscape, a flawless green lawn, painted with vibrant flowers and swaying trees. Behind the home is a carefully thought out patio and walkway leading to a handsome bridge inviting you into a charming gazebo, strategically placed over a flowing pond and waterfall. Now, imagine relaxing in this setting each evening, in your own nature park, your own home...representing the serene and tranquil lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Did You Know?

Home improvement has grown into a $120 Billion per year industry in the US. One important consideration for the homeowner deciding on whether or not to make home improvements is: What is the recovery value of the improvement once I decide to sell? Although exact figures depend on various factors, studies show some improvements have a much higher recovery value than others. Home landscaping is at the top of the list with a 100-200% recovery value! Other improvements, such as a kitchen remodel, have only 75-125% recovery value. Swimming pools have only a 20-50% recovery value.